Myron May Videos Sticky Post

You can watch the 3 Myron May videos which he recorded few days before the FSU shooting in November 2014, on the following youtube channel:

They inspired this website.
This post is the only one marked as “sticky”, it will always be shown on top, although it’s the very oldest (February 7, 2015).


ABOUT THE WEBSITE (offline period)

This website faced a technical issue during 2017 which caused it to go offline for about two years and a half, until February 2020 (on the eve of the pandemic outbreak by the way).
As the webmaster, I decided I won’t be updating the website as I used to because of lack of time. I won’t be even approving new comments or publish possible translations of the few important pages, which I always thought it would be good to translate them being that the TI community is a so very multinational one.
I also thought of taking down some pages, that were supposed to be completed (the ones that show the notice “under construction”). However, I think I am going to leave them just the way they are.
During these years offline, I ended up still paying for the domain space which is why I was able to make the entire website public back again, and so I will in the future.

Documentary: The TI Manifesto

This looks as a well thought research on the Targeted Individuals phenomenon:

Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary

As defined by the author, this is a “low budget quasi-documentary produced by Omnisense. The film covers a wide ranging field of black project technology capabilities and black ops perpetrated with these exotic technologies”.

You can watch it here:

Remote Control Trailer

The following link takes you to the trailer posted in March 2014, of a very well done documentary on modern mind control:

Targeted Individuals Collage Video

This video is simply a collage of targeted individuals’ videos, yet it’s very well edited:

Very Informational Video

This video goes through the most basic and well-known info on the argument “Targeted Individuals”, but brings up also the topics of cybernetics and transhumanism stripping away that aura of paranoia rotating over the community. Targeted Individuals are crazy people no more, just victims of modern repression. Seat tight and.. “enjoy”:

Targeted all over Africa

Although as an atheist I strongly disagree with his beliefs, his testimony has value in terms of how spread and efficient the targeting program is:

Jeffrey Madore Videos

Jeffrey Madore is a TI from Connecticut, USA. He just started uploading videos about his targeting, and nowadays his youtube channel is featured on the “Freedom from Covert Harasment and Surveillance” homepage. His videos are very watchable as he is extremely peaceful and rational:

Magnus Olsson RF Scanning by ICAACT

Magnus Olsson is a TI from Sweden, Europe. There are many radio-frequency scanning videos, some of them are quite professional like the following one:

Recent Dr. John Hall Interview

This is probably the most recent interview with Dr. John Hall from Texas, USA. He is very involved in the TI phenomenon having written books, contributed to the making of the first ever movie about Targeted Individuals, and been interviewed countless times both in radio and TV shows: