ABOUT THE WEBSITE (offline period)

July 2020. This website faced a technical issue during 2017 which caused it to go offline for about two years and a half, until February 2020 (on the eve of the pandemic outbreak by the way).
As the webmaster, I decided I won’t be updating the website as I used to because of lack of time. I won’t be even approving new comments or publishing possible translations of the few important pages, which I always thought it would be good to translate them being that the TI community is a so very multinational one.
I also thought of taking down some pages, that were supposed to be completed (the ones that show the notice “under construction”). However, I think I am going to leave them just the way they are.
During these years offline, I ended up still paying for the domain space which is why I was able to make the entire website public back again, and so I will in the future.

Update (April 2021). One year after writing the above, I am now going to have to stop paying for the premium WordPress features plus webspace. Starting in June-July then, the website will be hosted for free, but probably will look different, as WordPress own ads will also appear. It shouldn’t make much of a difference anyway as no content should end up being deleted (the space it takes is minimal, being that it hosts no videos or heavy files at all). And It’s possible that the theme will change too. The reason is rather economic: 120 dollars is the yearly cost I’m supposed to pay every year in May-June. But also the pressures I got throught the years to take it down somehow played a role. However, I will keep on paying for the domain name which is much less expensive (about 30 dollars per year). When setting up the website in 2014-15 I said you would’ve never seen any ads on this website, ever. You can still read that statement at the About page. It looks as such won’t be the case then, I just can’t afford it. It’s like I told everyone a lie, but.. money is little to nothing nowadays for an unemployed 39-year-old man living in Western Europe. The pandemic hit my pockets hard as everybody else’s.

To the few visitors writing comments I used to approve after some moderation (just to eliminate the many spam messages every WordPress website is sent), please refrain as per above, I will not be approving any comments in the future. Hopefully you understand. I am sorry.

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