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Tammy Jean Avery Videos

Tammy Jean Avery is a TI that posted a few videos about her targeting you can watch on her youtube channel:

Interesting Youtube Channel

This is an interesting youtube channel from an inquiring TI:

Steve Ahmann Videos

Steve Ahmann is an american TI who posted a detailed and honest series of 11 videos on youtube about his experience (you can actually find on his channel even a few more videos that relate to TIs):

A Targeted Individual Testimony

TI testimony from Bangladesh:

An Organized Harassment Experience

A very clear take on gang-stalking/organized harassment:

Stories of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment

This video recorded in 2005 documents the experiences of three organized stalking and electronic harassment victims:

Indigo Ribbon Campaign Videos

Youtube channel of the Indigo Ribbon Campaign:

Look especially for the 2 videos from the US Bioethics Committee.

A Plea to Communicate with More TIs

Here’s a sincere plea from a TI:

Interview with Julianne McKenney

Interesting interview with Julianne McKenney at

Tracy James Givens Video

Tracy James Givens is a TI from Texas, USA. His most popular video is from 2010, in which he clearly suggests that very likely some TIs are going to say “enough is enough” and go on a shooting spree. A few years later, Aaron Alexis and Myron May actually did open fire in their community just as Tracy James Givens predicted. The interesting part, is that these two gunmen thought about making the effort of clearly stating they were TIs, but who knows how many violent crimes are related to being targeted yet we know nothing about them?