Here is a list of links to interesting written documents (other than patents), the most prominent ones you can find in websites dedicated to the phenomenon.
There’s no real categorization here. Research papers, books, articles, unclassified documents are pretty much all in casual order: the focus is obviously on the technology and its implications (sociological, psychological, etc) with the last section only distinguished, as pertaining specifically to law and politics.
Note: the green arrow () indicates the file is uploaded on this website (in case of broken external links).
  • Books at search in the Kindle Store expressions as “mind control”, “psychotronics”, “electronic harassment”, “electronic torture”, “electronic rape”, “targeted individuals”, “gang stalking”. Look for authors such as, “Nicholas J Begich”, “John Hall”, “Robert Duncan”, “Renee Pittman”.
  • Articles at search those same expressions pointed above.

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