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There’re human rights organizations you could contact, either through their official website or by their social network’s pages.
Here follows a short list of links to human rights organizations you may be interested in:
Asian Human Rights Commission
United Nations – Commettee Against Torture
Human Rights Watch website
United Nations – Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture website
Human Rights Watch – Facebook page
Amnesty International website
Human Rights Foundation website
If you need quick personal support you can find some right now on social networks.
There’s quite a populous online community of TIs in social networks (such as Facebook) who support each other day by day. They’re fully aware it’s very hard to face the persecution of organized stalking and the agony of electronic torture.
However, Facebook is made for entertainment, there’s a lot of nonsense and irrational speculation on it, and most importantly there’s a lot of online disruption on TIs social networks. Indeed the expression “electronic harassment” is much used by the media to convey disguisement: it’s pivotal to the perpetrators’ strategy to have DEW torture disguised as online harassment by the public opinion. Such communication’ disruption is part of the targeting, yet Facebook is nowadays one of the fastest ways to interact with other people on the topics that revolve around Targeted Individuals.
So if you will, just type into the Facebook search bar “Electronic Torture”, “Electronic Harassment”, “Targeted Individuals”, or “Organized Stalking”, or “Gang Stalking” or any appropriate keywords, and you will rapidly find groups that you can join and start interacting with other TIs on the very moment.
Don’t forget to “inspect” other TIs’ profiles and/or directly ask them, to quickly find new related groups and pages to reach even more communities and individuals. Definitely, consider also there are many country-based groups giving you the opportunity to communicate in your local language and easily meet with other TIs.
Or join straight away one of the following examples of international groups:
Tragic Myron May
MK- ULTRA / Mindcontrol
Targeted Individuals International
Electronic Harassment and Gang Stalking
European TI-group
Peacepink or their non facebook forum at public forum at
There are also a few proper advocacy organizations that you may wish to contact personally (click on the “Contact” link):
Also, other than directly trying to reach for support, you can also help the cause of public awareness by spreading the word about this terrible ordeal.
From sharing a link on a social network to directly contacting news agencies, there are many ways to expose it. You could even setup a website as in the case of, or help build other webpages aimed at general public awareness.
  1. Hi
    have been targeted for long time
    I dont think anyone really understands what it is all about
    There is a lot of spiritual stuff going on
    probably t.i.s are having their ‘selves removed’ such as will power, ego etc, in order to make use of them.
    It is just basically saying good people are evil so that they can have very bad things done to them. Eg like the jews – its all their fault, their rich were poor, lets take what they have . But of course there is a deeper side too. Trying to make out good is bad and bad good will also mean behaviours. for example god tells us pride is bad, humility good. The beliefs of those who torture targeted individuals is that pride is good and humility bad. This is done to many beliefs of what is good and what bad. In this way gods ways are lost. The idea is that thoser who betray their conscience will have their souls helped – probably at the expense of TIs. those that follow conscience will have souls destroyed. So society is spiritually undermined.

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    • My belief is that there’re moments to be humble and moments to be proud. The problem I see is that we’re told to be humble and pride at the wrong times by the system. For example: “Be proud of your look” and “Be humble about the truth”.


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