Bio-Electromagnetic weapons are Not science-fiction

This short video speaks loads about the energy weapons used on Targeted Individuals.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive method to cause depolarization or hyperpolarization in the neurons of the brain. This technology has been publicly around for decades.

If you are not a TI and are skeptical about technology being capable of externally influencing the nervous system, this is just for you:

Sofia Smallstorm on Chemtrails

The phenomenon of chemtrails is somehow related to Targeted Individuals not only because the substances being sprayed help propagate electromagnetic waves, but also because, as Sofia Smallstorm affirms in the following video, a particular bio-nanotechnology susceptible to electromagnetic frequencies seems to be involved. It may have nothing to do with TIs, as well as the contrary, you judge.

Tom Lee’s Technicalities

This video is about the measurements of Tom Lee, a TI learned in electronics:

Doreen Dotan Suggestions

Here is a video made a number of years ago re-uploaded by a friend of the actual person in the video, to help targeted individuals cope with the situation. It recollects a few overall clean and fair analyses and suggetions by Doreen Dotan, an israelian TI, who I believe is actually one of the pioneers of making videos about the targeting.

They’re the very basic concepts every TI should be aware of (jump the first 4 minutes if you’re short of time):

Rachel Orbin First Video

This is the first video from Rachel Orbin on Gang Stalking, recorded a number of years ago:–5X0f_gFGw.

Dangerously Gullible Ordinary People and Gang Stalking

How gullible, corrupt and coward we ordinary people are? How broken and corrupt is the culture of the so-called civilized countries?

There’s a clear relation to the well known Milgram experiment here.

This video sheds a light on how Gang Stalking could be put into practice:

Thomas Marshall Video

Very clear take by Thomas Marshall:

About Electronic Harassment

The following is an interview about Electronic Harassment taken place in late 2013 featuring ICAACT and EUCACH representatives:

The Apprentice of Honor Youtube Channel

A few videos for TIs available on ‘The Apprentice of Honor’ youtube channel:

United TIs Youtube Channel

Many videos available on the United Tis youtube channel: