Who are Targeted Individuals?

A Targeted Individual (TI) is a victim of Organized Gang Stalking and Covert Directed-Energy Weapons.
In other words, he/she is a victim of two severe unrecognized forms of organized aggressive oppression often taking place contemporaneously, loosly referred to as “Covert Harassment“. It translates into silent unnoticed violence, constant torture and suicide incitement, apparently for the purpose of obtaining and confirming strictly violative full compliance, obedience, submission, allegiance and disposability to unknown unregulated entities.
Some argue it is related to non-consensual Nontherapeutic Human Experimentation in the field of “remote modulation of the nervous system“, that is, Bio-medical research (i.e. brain and head transplant to date still at a research stage, could potentially achieve immortality in the near future, but how to fully conduct the invasive long-term human experimentations arguably required to research them on the psychophysical level?). But even so, it’s clear some heavy form of submission and coercive collaboration is also unexceptionally mandatory throughout the process.
So this is part of what is also known as para-politics and transhumanism and the latter specifically, together with the fringe concepts of “social engineering” and “hive mind”, is used to legitimize the technologies that are actually victimizing Targeted Individuals and the whole society all together, on the grounds of advancing biomedical research and for the apparent purpose of implementing social repression and control in the form of a sort of global “technological zombification”. As it works relying on very advanced technologies capable of managing zillions of biological and non-biological events by interefering with the nervous systems of living people and animals, a great deal of censorship is succesfully employed. And unsuspectable data of all types is used. transhumanism
In our modern times, countless innocent civilians are controlled like cold emotionless disposable robots: the brain is called “wetware” (a term drawn from the computer-related idea of hardware or software), and this whole obscure, twisted scientific arena, gets called “frankenscience”, from novel Frankenstein, about the sentient grotesque creature created in an unorthodox scientific experiment
It’s interesting to notice it’s a very common thinking that actually many more individuals of the worldwide population are not even aware of being manipulated by such weapons, or not able to aknowledge it. Slang terms used are “mind-controlled” individuals, or even “sheeple” in a derogatory sense, meaning they suspect something is not quite right, but they dare not to question and/or oppose it. Thus at some degree, it is more appropriate to define a TI as a proclaimed victim of Organized Gang Stalking and Covert Directed-Energy Weapons, often dedicated and compelled to oppose them since they reached unbearable levels.
It looks as Targeted Individuals simply are unlucky subjects who falled on the track of the global techno-militarized oppression (repression) covert agenda, specifically the part involving social ownership via sophisticated covert behavior-altering frequency weapons employed to silently monitor and affect the nervous system unnoticed, in uncountable ways and from afar. It is a globally supported concept, although publicly censored, that in the last decades a whole revolution of weaponry has been covertly advanced, which is based on new, sci-fi-like ways of covertly impacting and degrading human health: in simple words, this means a wide range (if not all) of illnesses is being covertly mimicked, from less to most concerning ones, for small moments up to 24/7 continous periods.
With these being said, it’s also important to remember life is not a matter of black or white, but rather a matter of shades, so it’s all but uncommon to be a TI and also part of the sheeple, or even a partecipant (often referred to as a “stalker”) whether knowingly or not, and/or an operator (someone actively supporting the targeting by operating the technology on behalf of the real perpetrators, the higher-ups of society). To be an operator means to interpret the role of God and the Devil contemporaneously, to possess the overwhelming power of knowing and actually feeling from behind a curtain, what it means to be a victim and an executioner at the same time without being tied to either, and to act above the law upon all this, convincing and condemning anyone about anything, taking and corrupting anyone’s soul, submitting anyone to his/her will. In synthesis, everyone can easily be mind-controlled without acknowledgement, the technology employed is advanced that far whether we like it or not.
So basically, the degree of penetration of these highly organized and sophisticated forms of “control” varies widely. Add to all this, that unrelated rude people and coincidences are part of anyone’s life, and paranoia does at times play a great role, thus it is very difficult to recognize 100% TIs (admitting the chance they even exist). Also be aware this is not specifically about pointing fingers against “who runs the system” but rather against “who [criminally] runs society” (although it’s clear who runs society is in a position to run the system nonetheless): it’s about owning people over life and death, it’s a matter of human rights, rather than of merely what’s legal and what’s not.
So the question is: what are Organized Gang Stalking and Covert Directed-Energy Weapons?


First let’s be clear about three popular misunderstandings about the terminology.
Although the terms “electronic”, “stalking”, “covert” and “harassment” are widely used all over the internet and in real life to describe them, they have almost nothing to do with the well known internet related phenomenons of cyberharassment, cyberbullying and cyberstalking. Secondly, although the term “gang” is used, they have nothing to do with firearms (yet if you keep reading, you will learn the weapons involved have nothing to envy from firearms). Thirdly, the words “harassment” and “torture” are used interchangeably with the former being wrongfully much preferred, and the reasons are two: the first reason is that the popular conception of the criminal offence of torture is a face-to-face activity that involves blood and scars and shortly leads to death, but Covert Directed-Energy Weapons are used in prolonged activities from remote locations and leave no visible evidence. The meaning of “torture” is infliction of pain (whether physical or psychological) with the victim being unable to defend and the torturer having control over the victim, thus it is perfectly fit to describe these activities. The second reason is that the targeting usually starts as harassment (at least this is how it is perceived) and eventually, after a while, becomes torture, which means that harassment is the least common denominator.
They have been “lightly” described as community harassment, community mobbing, community bullying, community stalking, organized bullying, “bullying on steroids”, adult bullying, group stalking, psychological harassment, technological harassment, covert harassment and modern bullying. More harshly as “mind rape”, silent rape, “electronic rape”, electronic persecution, “mind stalking”, clean torture, technological kidnapping, remote torture, technological torture, no-touch torture, electronic torture, electromagnetic torture, a sort of “murder by a thousand paper cuts”, the modern social tools for enslavement and culling, a “slow kill”, the “electromagnetic concentration camp”, the “technological holocaust”, electronic assault, state criminality, “satellite terrorism” and domestic terrorism. Legislatively speaking, they have been identified in three ways: as hate crimes, as a form of racket where the objective is pure control rather than money, and especially as crimes against humanity thus heavy violations of civil and human rights.
The Targeted Individual phenomenon has gained very little visibility on mainstream media, thus if you have never heard of it that’s just normal. It’s also quite of an awkward phenomenon so to speak. It could very well be classified as a conspiracy theory, and because of its degrees, many say on the line of the “9/11 is an inside job” conspiracy theory. Indeed, it is rather officially depicted by mainstream media as a product of mental illnesses.
It’s such an unsettling and bizarre topic that even the most honorable and heroic person will have a hard time not experiencing psychological repression, (a key concept of psychoanalysis) which is a defense mechanism, that even pre-exists the ego (which means it is an unconscious mechanism), and ensures that what is unacceptable to the conscious mind, which would arouse anxiety if recalled, is prevented from entering into it. Not to mention those who consciously disbelieve the TI phenomenon as a way to copy with reality.
Here follows a powerful excerpt from a text by British psychoanalyst Carole Smith:

Disbelief as a Defence Mechanism

In the face of widespread disbelief about mind-control, it seems worth analysing the basis of the mechanisms employed to maintain disbelief:
  1. In the sixties, Soviet dissidents received a significant measure of sympathy and indignant protest from western democracies on account of their treatment, most notedly the abuse of psychiatric methods of torture to which they were subjected. It is noteworthy that we seem to be able to access credulity, express feelings of indignant support when we can identify with victims, who share and support our own value system, and who, in this particular historical case, reinforced our own values, since they were protesting against a political system which also threatened us at that time. Psychologically, it is equally important to observe that support from a safe distance, and the benefits to the psyche of attacking a split-off ‘bad father’, the soviet authorities in this case, presents no threat to one’s internal system; indeed it relieves internal pressures. On the other hand, recognizing and denouncing a similar offence makes very much greater psychic demands of us when it brings us into conflict with our own environment, our own security, our own reality. The defence against disillusion serves to suppress paranoia that our father figure, the president, the prime minister, our governments – might not be what they would like to be seen to be.
  2. The need to deposit destructive envy and bad feelings elsewhere, on account of the inability of the ego to acknowledge ownership of them – reinforces the usefulness of persons or groups, which will serve to contain those, disowned, projected feelings which arouse paranoid anxieties. The concepts of mind-invasion strike at the very heart of paranoid anxiety, causing considerable efforts to dislodge them from the psyche. The unconscious identification of madness with dirt or excrement is an important aspect of anal aggression, triggering projective identification as a defence.
  3. To lay oneself open to believing that a person is undergoing the experience of being invaded mentally and physically by an unseen manipulator requires very great efforts in the self to manage dread.
  4. The defence against the unknown finds expression in the split between theory and practice; between the scientist as innovator and the society who can make the moral decisions about his inventions; between fact and science fiction, the latter of which can present preposterous challenges to the imagination without undue threat, because it serves to reinforce a separation from the real.
  5. Identification with the aggressor. Sadistic fantasies, unconscious and conscious, being transferred on to the aggressor and identified with, aid the repression of fear of passivity, or a dread of punishment. This mechanism acts to deny credulity to the victim who represents weakness. This is a common feature of satanic sects.
  6. The liberal humanist tradition which denies the worst destructive capacities of man in the effort to sustain the belief in the great continuity of cultural and scientific tradition; the fear, in one’s own past development, of not being ‘ongoing’, can produce the psychic effect of reversal into the opposite to shield against aggressive feelings. This becomes then the exaggerated celebration of the ‘new’ as the affirmation of human genius which will ultimately be for the good of mankind, and which opposes warning voices about scientific advances as being pessimistic, unenlightened, unprogressive and Luddite.
    Strict adherence to this liberal position can act as overcompensation for a fear of envious spoiling of good possessions, i.e. cultural and intellectual goods.
  7. Denial by displacement is also employed to ignore the harmful aspects of technology.
    What may be harmful for the freedom and good of society can be masked and concealed by the distribution of new and entertaining novelties. The technology, which puts a camera down your gut for medical purposes, is also used to limit your freedom by surveillance. The purveyors of innovative technology come up with all sorts of new gadgets, which divert, entertain and feed the acquisitive needs of insatiable shoppers, and bolster the economy. The theme of “Everything’s up to date in Kansas City” only takes on a downside when individual experience – exploding breast implants, say – takes the gilt off the gingerbread. Out of every innovation for evil (i.e. designed for harming and destroying) some ‘good’ (i.e. public diversion or entertainment) can be promoted for profit or crowd-pleasing.
  8. Nasa is sending a spacecraft to Mars, or so we are told. They plan to trundle across the Martian surface searching for signs of water and life. We do not hear dissenting voices about its feasibility.
    Why is it that, when a person accounts that their mind is being disrupted and they are being persecuted by an unseen method of invasive technology, that we cannot bring ourselves to believe them? Could it be that the horror involved in the empathic identification required brings the shutters down? Conversely, the shared experience of the blasting of objects into space brings with it the possibilities of shared potency or the relief that resonates in the unconscious of a massive projection or evacuation – a shared experience which is blessed in the name of man’s scientific genius.
  9. The desire ‘not to be taken in’, not to be taken for a fool, provides one of the most powerful and common defence mechanism against credulity.
Before we really dive into Organized Gang Stalking and especially Covert Directed-Energy Weapons, it should be noted that generally, what TIs go through does never stop: it is a lifetime nightmare (there’s no record of any perpetrator stopped, let alone detained). Although some offences are not too damaging to the victim taken as singular occurences, what makes them terrible is that they never end completely (not to mention that they are mixed with very debilitating ones). So even though the harassment does rarely stop for entire weeks or months at best (however, the general consensus agrees that surveillance, which can be considered as well as a form of harassment since it seems it’s used afterwards to work out the harassment/torture and creates paranoia, does never stop), it generally restarts again: it is very exceptional to encounter reports of harassment-free TIs for a period longer than a few months. Also, it is a common speculation in the TI community that some TIs are even murdered or at least pushed to suicide. But since these activities are not recognized and the weapons involved leave no evidence, the only trace of them taking place are the claims of harassment/torture of those alive (dead people can’t complain). Lastly, keep in mind TIs are mostly ordinary Joes and Marys: not wealthy, not criminals, not powerful. And that what makes these criminal activities so unrecognized by both the public opinion and law enforcement is that they don’t look plausible: why would anyone devolve so much efforts to defame and destroy some nobody, and even use such sophisticated weapons to torture at a distance? It’s much more straightfoward to blame it on mental illnesses. TIs are generally quite clueless too, about the motive, although they speculatively produced some plausible scenarios.

Organized Gang Stalking

  • Organized Gang Stalking (OGS) is a form of community mobbing and organized stalking combined. Just like you have workplace mobbing, which is fully recognized, this is the (less known yet more excruciating) community form. Often, OGS involves some workplace mobbing.
OGS’s basic purpose is to make the victim doubt himself/herself and feel inadequate, to prepare a paranoid mindset to obtain the most by the rest of the targeting.
Also the expressions “Organized Harassment”, “Organized Stalking” and “Gang Stalking” are used (very often by the way), at times to quickly refer to the combination of both the OGS and the use of Covert DEWs, as they are related and often take place contemporaneously. Even OGS alone is sometimes used to refer at the same time to Covert DEWs. “Organized Harassment” and “Organized Stalking” are probably better titles than “Gang Stalking”, since besides conveying the organized and systematic nature of the activities, they avoid creating the erroneous impression that the activity is carried out by bloody street gangs. For the same reasons, “Organized Group Stalking” is a very good term, because it conveys both the organized nature of the stalking and the fact it is carried out by more than one person.
Probably a better title (although almost never used) than the ones mentioned would be “Organizational Stalking” because it conveys the existence of a proper organization, yet the classical expression “Organized Crime” also conveys the existence of an organization but it’s called the way it is, thus it probably doesn’t really matter.
organized-gang-stalkingOGS is organized harassment at its best and can become an extremely torturous experience, where quite a number of stalkers/harassers are involved at some degree, and all of them are under the direct or indirect influence of some authoritative subjects of the community that very likely passed on some defaming lies about the target, and/or offered some sort of miscellaneous compensation, or threatened, in order to recruit common people (besides strangers, also those close to the target as neighbours, friends, family members, co-workers) into stalking/harassing, or at least into aiding these activities. It can evolve into frauds, financial sabotage, break-ins, property damage and thefts, staged vehicle accidents and physical assaults, but generally starts with surveillance (which basically involves sustained privacy violations) and gossiping, disrespect, provocations, hostile and hateful attitudes, annoyances and tensions eliciting, bullying, mocking and taunting, marginalization and isolation, Pavlovian conditioning (noise and visual campaigns, consisting of sustained productions of noises, audible conversations, or visual triggers, that are particularly discomforting to the victim), street theatering (acting like they don’t know each other to better affect the victim through skits, often done together with Pavlovian conditioning), discrediting, slander and defamation, gaslighting (a form of psychological violence that aims at making victims doubt of their own perception, memory and sanity), relationships undermining, humiliations, vandalism, intimidations and blackmailing.
For the most part, just any non openly unlawful behavior that leads to some type of damage, is what TIs constantly report: it’s a prolonged oppressive set of covert attacks at 360 degrees that resembles a solid hate game aimed at damaging and overcoming the victim. Sporadically, the contamination of objects that will come in contact with the victim, food and air (victim’s home and car basically), are reported as well.

Covert Directed-Energy Weapons

  • Covert Directed-Energy Weapons are covert weapons used to remotely and silently overcome human beings via electromagnetic waves (ex. microwaves, radio frequency waves, lasers and masers), acoustic waves (ex. infrasonic, sonic, ultrasonic), and possibly other forms of energy.
They concur greatly in the deployment of Organized Gang Stalking. They actually are the cornerstone of it.
The term “Directed-Energy weapons” or “DEWs” is often used instead. It’s much more popular since that’s the term publicly used to identify all those weapons that use energy to damage the target.
Very often, TIs make use of the expression “Electronic Harassment” too. Electronic Harassment is literally defined as the use of any electronic device to aid someone in invading your person or property for the purpose of gathering information illegally, or for the purpose of causing physical harm.
With this being said however, it is very important to clarify that in the TI’s context the popular phenomenons of cyberbullying, cyberharassment and cyberstalking (online/internet offences) are generally not to be considered. They are often badly confused with DEWs, but in fact they are only subsets of Electronic Harassment. Broadly speaking, Electronic Harassment also encompasses phone harassment/stalking and actually, all these aspects can possibly become a part of the reality TIs deal with, but in any case it is yet a very different, utterly more noxious and above suspicion type we are referring to.
The type of Electronic Harassment TIs refer to, involves the use of non-lethal (aka less-than-lethal) energy weapons that remotely and silently abuse the victim, known as Covert Directed-Energy Weapons.
Other titles used very often are “psychotronic weapons”, “mind control weapons” and “remote influencing technologies”. On a side note, the term “Neuroweapons” has gained some attention as well, even though at times not in the sense that these weapons target an enemy’s nervous system, but in the sense they are controlled via the soldier’s nervous system. There’s generally a lot of confusion on the terminology, and all these names are indeed used interchangeably.
dew_on_truckBe aware however that in terms of public domain and political correctness, DEWs are recognized as legitimate weapons that use a highly focused beam to damage a target which most often is an object (like an electronic device, a missile, an enemy aircraft, etc.), and are rather known for taking part in wars. The only publicly known DEWs used in civil circumstances (protests, correction facilities, against wildlife, against sea pirates, etc.) but also in war scenes, as well as the only known DEWs that affect living beings instead of objects are the Active Denial System (and those derived from it), the Long Range Acoustic Device (and similars), Dazzlers and Electrolasers. These weapons are generally used for area denial, perimeter security and crowd control with low probability of causing death, permanent injury and undesired damage to property and the environment. They respectively generate a so called heat-ray that heats up the surface of the skin through a microwave, an acoustic wave that disrupts the eardrums, visible light that temporarely blinds the target, and a current that gives electroshock through lasers and alternate current.
The ones involved with TIs are mostly weapons that damage only living beings by specifically achieving an interaction with their nervous system and cognitive state, and they appear to be a lot more sophisticated than the ones listed above. Possibly, they have a hard time gaining visibility because of their covert nature, since they are rather meant to take place in illegal circumstances in the first place, as in espionage, for political gains, for covert torture/brainwashing and blackmailing, and we can safely argue they represent the state of the art of anti-personnel stealthy weaponry thus hidden from the public.
A consistent number of TIs proved, with radio frequency scans, they transmit radio frequencies from their bodies. In some rare cases, they’ve even proved evidence of implanted foreign objects under skin layers, through simple graphical scans.
These foreign objects are generally very unrecognized, a source of skepticism and confusion even among TIs themselves: some believe they are only used to track the target, some others state with certainty they have not been implanted, accounting for the theory that both the tracking and the harassment could be accomplished by using for example the unique so-called “electromagnetic signature” of the brain, of the DNA, or by using the otoacoustic emission. Some state they are directly implanted onto the nervous system while some others are not necessarely, some others argue they have non-emitting ones that are yet sensible to electromagnetic and sound waves, some say they reach micro and nano sizes and so they have not been classically implanted but more likely ingested, breathed in, or injected. Some believe the technology used is unknown, some others say the types of waves used may be scalar rather than electromagnetic or sound. Since the technologies involved are well kept away from public’s knowledge, there is clearly much room for speculation, not only on how they are named but on how they work in the first place.
However, it is worth noting that registered civil patents that describe and concretize quite a number of such futuristic theories have been available since a long time.
What TIs agree on for sure, is that these weapons cause a variety of severe disturbing and incapacitating manifestations on their bodies that range from excruciating hedaches and labyrinthitis symptoms (dizziness, tinnitus, vertigos, nausea), to intense itchiness, inexplicable muscle contractions (twitches) and body movements/manipulations (even internal organs), tactile sensations (feeling something is in contact with the skin), electric shocks/vibrations/tremors (shaking, as if they’re being electrocuted), bodily pain (particularly piercing sensations but intense pain is reported as well), irregular heart beatings, tinglings and popping joints. Thermoregulation issues (hypothermia, hyperthermia, fever) and others are often reported as well but it’s not clear if they are directly induced or collateral symptoms. Some of them may look as minor issues to a non-TI, or even funny, but they turn to be all very serious problems if for example, you are trying to focus and be productive, or trying to rest and fall asleep. Not to mention the mental disturbances that they induce.
mind-control_brain-targetThey are used, as incredible as it sounds, to achieve mind-reading (aka thought-reading, thought identification, “remote neural monitoring”, “neural decoding”): some say this is achieved by decoding the nerves that supervise speech since they define thoughts as “silent speech” (aka subvocalization) as well as others like the optical nerves, some others believe there is actual brain’s electrical signals (possibly its electromagnetic field) reading involved. It’s not clear how, but TIs swear it’s possible since they have experienced countless times answers to their private thoughts and strangers repeating them. These weapons produce unavoidable and untraceable attacks on the cognitive level that seriously disable the victim, and mind-reading is the very cornerstone of all the targeting.
They force sleep deprivation and, as deductible, they concur in the development of all sorts of mental disorders (and/or the simulation of their symptoms) such as hysteria, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, depersonalization, schizophrenia, cognitive dissonance, delusions, phobias, paranoia, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, maladaptative daydreaming, bipolar disorder, dissociation, derealization, borderline disorder, PTSD, etc.
But also, unwanted sexual arousals by stimulating sensible parts of the body (genitalia manipulation), and many report terrible silent rapes both in and out of bed, sort of like a ghost would be able to do. Speaking of sleep, dreams manipulation and subconcious stimulation are also a facet of this absurd treatment.
And it doesn’t end there, according to a vast number of TIs, the perpetrators are able to see what the target sees and hear what the target hears. TIs also speculate they are able to understand what the target feels (at least thanks to the wide number of “parameters” they can monitor simultaneously like heart beating rate, blood pressure, thoughts, possibly pupil size, etc.) and to predict thoughts instantaneously (some believe this is actually accomplished through hypnosis).
The victim is literally thrown in a frightening cognitive agony.
Also, voice-hearing and auditory allucinations (which comprehend the tinnitus-like symptoms stated previously), known as “microwave hearing” (aka “Frey effect”, “white noise”, “the hum”, silent sound, V2K, voice-to-skull, neurophone, “voice of god”) are vastly experienced among TIs. Technically they are not allucinations, thus why some call them technological or electronic allucinations.
mind-controlMind-reading and voice-hearing together (but even voice-hearing alone) constitute what is called Artificial Telepathy (aka synthetic telepathy, electronic telepathy, technological telepathy, digital telepathy), defined as the capability to communicate telepatically through the aid of technology, but in fact used on TIs to accomplish harmful goals such as information (often intimate and private) theft, breaking the will, exploiting, harassing and raping the mind, driving the person crazy through mental torture and heavy emotional distress by disrupting the inner dialogue and the capabilities of focusing, recalling and reasoning, the disruption of sleeping patterns, etc. They play with sleeping because when you’re tired the brain is more sensible to pain, not to mention when you are actually sleeping, thus you’re prone to twist your moral.
The TI phenomenon is often based on the following: playing with guilt (which produces mental illnesses, shame and so much more), because everybody wants to be treated just, thus everybody can be controlled through guilty feelings of any sort: the victim in the first place, but also perpetrators and uninvolved people.
The following is very tricky: mind control can easily make you believe/understand you have a WEAKNESS and thus produce a sort of guilt effect. They do this to be able to play you (they create the habit to feel guilt and you’re 99,9% UNAWARE OF IT), by studying your brain and behavior, manipulating those around you, and what not, so you live miserably. They know the way you think, which means “how you record and store events”, how you defend from pain, how you obtain pleasure, what you fear and more.
Occasionally, TIs refer occurrences of forced speech, easily achieved through a precise stimulation of the muscles involved in speaking. Also foreign odors, image, events (memories), and thought insertions are reported: to insert a thought, it is common belief they simply use voices/sounds at such a low volume which resembles the volume of the victim’s own thinking.
In short, because of these weapons, the target shares the total control over his/her nervous system in a tormenting, terrifying, unthinkable, inhuman, surreal science-fiction fashion. Thus these individuals end up very isolated from society because of the unbelievable reality they’re forced to face, with no chance of proving their claims. It is like being possessed by a demon, not an expeirence anyone in their right mind would ever want to practise.
Some are harassed, some just monitored, some are tortured or have their life completely destroyed, at times some even get helped out only to later be better manipulated. It’s man abusing man at its finest.
terrorThese weapons involve mind games and scripts which are so pushed over that can lead to murder and/or suicide. This brings us to what is called Hyper-game theory, at times cited by TIs. To briefly understand this, think about the following: what’s the hardest game to play if not that against oneself? This is what TIs are mentally set on: a torturous never-ending mind game against themselves, induced by malicious third parties interested, amongst other things mentioned during this page, in experimenting (or rather playing) on non-consensual human subjects.
Victims of Covert DEWs are like war prisoners whom have been tortured. The major difference is that the torture on war prisoners stops when the war ends leaving demonstrable physical scars, and they return to their life respected and praised by their community for their service and given unconditional understanding for their terrible experience, while victims of Covert DEWs are tortured endlessly for no apparent reason, producing psychological and emotional scars, so their community ends labelling and mocking them as mentally ill.
Victims of kidnappings also share much with victims of Covert DEWs since they both face a prolonged captivity with nothing they can do to break free. The only difference is that in physical kidnappings the victims are not allowed to communicate with the outside world, while on the other hand victims of Covert DEWs can. The problem is that authorities discard TIs reports either claiming they don’t possess the technical capabilities to aknowledge it’s happening nor to prosecute the perpetrators, or with mental issues. You can understand how terrifying it must be for a TI to reach for the cops but being denied help.
Another comparison drawn at times is that with the main character of a snuff movie. The difference is that a TI is in a very long movie, and perhaps the fact he/she continously feels all the twisted morbidness which in the making of a snuff movie is absent because it’s rather the trait of the selected public who will, only later, vision the tape.


The deployment of Organized Gang Stalking and Covert Directed-Energy Weapons consists of overwhelming social, physical and psychological attacks, that can (and not rarely do) completely destroy a person’s life while leaving no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators. Every aspect of the TI’s life is potentially under aim, from employment and relationships to health and survival.
Most targets seem to be dissidents, whistleblowers, activists and outspoken. However, it is suspected that just anyone can be on the list, and that all you have to do is be at the wrong place at the wrong time, or piss off the wrong person.
Some become violent and/or suicide.
targeted_individuals_indigo_ribbon_2At start, the target thinks of unusual annoying coincidences with no relation, but as time passes by, he/she clearly notes the trend. At first, it may even sound as paranoid rubbish to believe they are related, but the systematic occurences the target is confronted with, are mutually supporting in a way that leaves no space for doubts: they are related in the quest for damaging, manipulating and controlling the victim, and they’re part of a well established undercover activity. After such stage, the perpetrators even admit their responsability. Also, if the TI is lucky enough to stumble across other TIs’ experiences (most likely over the web), he/she learns that it actually takes place worldwide, since countless individuals stepped foward from all the corners of the planet describing the same exact occurrences. It’s very interdicting, but real nonetheless. However, what about filing complaints to law enforcement? That is what anyone rightfully does in case of unlawful offenses being perpetrated. But does the TI believe he/she will not rather just appear too self-important or even mentally disturbed? Can they be proved? Was the law actually broken? Are they really classifiable offenses? Do community-based hateful attitudes constitute a crime? Does the TI know what is going on in order to give as much information as possible to the cops? Are the perpetrators really going to be identified? Is the TI willing to invest time and money in a lawsuit? The answers to these questions are most likely negative. And let’s not take into account that sometimes the local cops are connivent.
Who leads these activities?” you may ask, and “why?“.
Saw_Villain_Scary_Movie_4Along the years (it has been happening for decades now), both TIs and non-TIs speculatively approached the obvious answer that, at least technically, only rough government groups (related to military, police, intelligence agencies, etc.) can empower such behaviors so well and so carelessly of being prosecuted. Furthermore, the technology and methods involved are so sophisticated, wide ranging and in what looks like an abuse of power fashion, that it is highly unlikely they are unaware of it, if not a clear confirmation they are. In fact, it is to be noted that many TIs are targeted just everywhere they might move to, whether a different city, a different state, or a different continent, and the very same day. Some TIs testify they’ve been targeted with Covert DEWs on the airplane as well. Thus, it’s hard to believe that any groups with no ties to the previously cited entities can be in charge of all it.
As to the question “why?”, we really can only speculate. There are three accredited theories, and they basically revolve around coercive control and behavior manipulation.
One is that the TI pissed off a powerful person/group, or a powerful person/group just picked up the TI for unknown personal reasons. In this case, it is thought the perpetrators have no social concerns whatsoever; they are simply playing a well compartmentalized grotesque and perverse game for their personal amusement and satisfaction (which in a twisted mind, derives from owning and controlling a human being), with socially manipulative methods and incredibly invasive and powerful high-tech devices which they happen to have access to. They are playing the “game of god”. It is difficult to believe they have fun this way, but the fact that it’s difficult to wrap your mind around the chance that they could doesn’t make it false at all. However, this doesn’t explain how such powerful technologies are in the hands of so twisted degenerate individuals.
counter-insurgencyThe second theory is more elaborated as it affirms it is about a secret social control and counter-insurgency government program by means of intelligently constructed community obstructionism, and technological behavior modification, aimed at preserving the pharaonic privileges of those in power. It is believed TIs could have some socially concerned progressive political inclinations and capabilities very unpleasant to the ultra-conservative elite. However, this theory doesn’t explain why it looks as TIs often end up dissenting even more. But what about the logicity in the fact an individual becomes politically active after being damaged by some government affiliated entities as TIs suspect they are being? May this be the actual reason TIs refer being targeted for their activism? Could it be a sort of a quid-pro-quo then? Some TIs swear they’ve been targeted because of it, some believe they were no more active than the average citizen when it all started. In any case, how could a legitimate government program justify such a protracted torture of innocent unwitting citizens?
If this theory is true, it must be at the very least a well twisted and corrupted government, which it is not hard to believe actually. Indeed this theory is very reliable as it conveys the behavior modification attempts and the torture to obtain them, the fact that the torture is generally not life threatening, the involvement of the community, the incredibly sophisticated technologies at their disposal, the fact that the victims are almost always non-wealthy individuals and the general absence of interest for the victim’s money. Yet TIs notice too much gratuitous violence to consider this theory truthful.
The third theory argues it is about coercive experimentations on the line of those practiced by inhumanly ambitious scientists under Hitler’s and Stalin’s dictatorships, as well as of the obscure practices of psychiatry. It is thought they are supposed to support illegitimate research in advanced fields of interest such as behavioral neuroscience, cybernetics, bionics, neurotechnology, genetics, cloning and other “niche” scientific topics. This theory makes a lot of sense considering that TIs are under constant all-round monitoring, they are treated as precious guinea pigs for life, face continous non life threatening manipulation and are kept in minimal but sufficient health state by balancing the torturous manipulations with small relieving rests. Yet just as with the second theory, TIs notice too much gratuitous violence to consider this theory 100% reliable.
In all theories, at some degree we can guess the perpetrators represent a sort of “drunk-for-control”, rather than for money, type of criminally organized entities (but it looks safe to argue they already are very wealthy). The truth is that TIs know just nothing about the perpetrators: it is believed there could be none above those operating the technology, as well as there could be heads that pay big money and/or favours for it to be operated.
There’s also a fourth theory that states some combination of the three described above takes place.
These classes of “crimes” are not recognized by the public, mainstream media, nor by law enforcement, and very likely never will: there are no such things as Organized Gang Stalking and Covert Directed-Energy Weapons. Indeed, TIs are categorized as delusionals and/or aberrated conspirancy theorists, and not few end up being drugged for alleged mental ilnesses and committed to mental facilities. Nonetheless, while some are misdiagnosed, some others actually end up suffering of real, induced (as previously stated) mental disorders.
Not even Wikipedia, which because of its public nature you would think it could shed a light on it, is able to aknowledge them. And to be straight here, there’s nothing much to be surprised about it since it is an openly pro-government/pro-mainstream media website in the first place (for example, the 9/11 page is all about the official version).
Since their real-life relationships are often compromised, all that is left for TIs to cope with their situation is to relate to other victims via internet based support groups, that unlikely can evolve into a real world relation because of distance and money (they are spread around the world at fairly wide distances at times, from each other, and usually have a hard while financially). Obviously, avoiding conflicts and maintaining a strong and positive outlook and “outside of the box” thinking, are the steps all victims look to accomplish in their everyday life, even though often at the cost of extraordinary efforts.


Although I feel this article is fairly comprehensive I am going to add this next section which someone else wrote. I found it on a Facebook page dedicated to Targeted Individuals, to which i’m giving credit: the name of the page is Raising-Awareness-of-Targeted-Individuals, and the related website address is https://raisingawarenessoftargetedindividuals.blogspot.com.au. After a quick Google search however, I found out it is also published on a website. I don’t know who the original author is, nor if the facebook writing and the website belong or not to the same person. In any case, i’m giving credit to the website as well: http://www.targeted-individuals.com.
Until now, this page has been a general overview on everything that relates to Targeted Individuals. Now we shift specifically on the effects of the torture (it’s called harassment here, because of the reasons stated at the beginning).
I did only slightly modify it (mostly to correct the few typos).

Targeted Individuals – Symptoms and Effects of Harrassment

The harassment affects people on many different levels. Just like the types and symptoms of harassment, the effects are wide ranging and varying. Harassed individuals may experience some to all of these effects and they may encounter them from minor to extreme degrees. It’s important to understand the range of symtoms that harassment can cause.
– Anger
The harassment makes you feel angry. You feel justified anger about being treated in such inhumane way. You may feel rage for the situation that you are in. Prisoners in unfair conditions often experience the same anger. Thoughts of revenge or violence against your harassers is not uncommon. A desire to make them feel what you are feeling, to let them know the pain and suffering you are experiencing is normal.
– Denial
The first stage of the harassment is shock and then denial. You absolutely do not believe that you are being singled out for such behavior, or that the situation is happening to you. You also do not believe that so many people could be so heartless, and to fail to understand what you are going through. It is complete denial, not because you want to deny the situation is happening, but because you can’t believe that it’s happening to you. Before the harrassment you may have been a fully in control person, who was cared for and respected. You can not believe that people would treat you in such inhumane and degrading way. You can’t believe it’s happening because you should know how to handle the situation, you should know how to take care of yourself. Some victims of harassment blame themselves for the harassment, or think if they just do this or that differently, it will stop and go away. The harassment makes you feel powerless, it makes you feel that the control of your circumstances and your surroundings have been taken away from you. Some victims blame themselves for not confronting the harassers. Where rape is a physical assault on your person, harassment is a psychological and emotional assault. Many rape victims can not believe what is happening, and many harassment victims can not believe what is happening either.
– Degradation
The harassment makes you feel degraded. Victims of harassment often feel demeaned, debased, devalued, degraded, humiliated and embarassed. The harassment is all about bringing you to your knees, not necesseraly on the physical but on the emotional level. Most harassers know what they are doing. They are out to take away who you are, they want to rape and violate you on an emotional and psychological level. They want to make you feel weak and vulnerable, which starts by degrading you. Harassers will tell lies, make up rumours, defame your character, try to make you seem crazy, unstable or even incompetent to do your job. Putting you into degrading situations, saying embarassing things to you, or doing humiliating things to you. This is the first step in breaking you down. Soldiers of war camps also use such methods on captives.
– Doubt
When you are being harassed it causes you to wonder why you have been singled out for the harassment. Harassed persons often feel that they should be able to handle the situation or find a suitable solution for the harassment. When an harassed individual realizes that the situation is spiralling out of control or that their normal coping mechanisms are not suitable for the situation, it can cause a great deal of doubt.
Being harassed does not only cause you to doubt yourself, but it can cause you to doubt those around you. The people that you once thought were your friends, family, or the people who normally support you, you may find they are not who you thought they were. The institutions that were there to protect you and keep you safe fail you, even the legal system might be called into doubt if your case (considering that you’ve actually filed a lawsuit which most TIs don’t) is not processed in a timely manner. The harassment can cause you to doubt and disbelieve everything you once thought you knew, including yourself.
– Economic Effects
The harassment has serious economic effects including: losing or quitting your job, demotion, quitting school (which has future economic consequences), absenteeism, payment of legal fees or medical or consulting fees. It can affect your credit if your job loss causes you to fall behind on your bill payments or on your morgage. Loss of credit can cause future difficulties as your record can take years to clear.
– Guilt
If you think that any of your actions contributed to the harassment you might feel deep guilt at having brought the circumstances on yourself. You might blame yourself and think “if only I had not..”, if only I had reacted this way..”. Feeling guilty and blaming yourself only gives the harassers power. The harassers have the responsibility to cease and desist the moment you make it clear the words, behaviors or actions are making you uncomfortable, or they are unwelcome. Blaming yourself and feeling guily will only go so far, then you have to move on.
– Isolation
Depending on the form of harassment you are experiencing the situation can leave you feeling isolated. You may not feel comfortable talking to family and friends. If the harassment is happening at school or at work, you may wish to keep the situation minimalised by not sharing what is going on. If you are the only person experiencing the harassment, you might feel that no one will really understand what you are going through or believe you. You might have lost your ability to trust others early on based on their reactions.
– Loss of Trust
The harassment undermines the ability to trust others, and even trust themselves. This inability to trust then has current and future repercussions. Trust is lost when a harassed individual fails to recieve support, affirmation, justice or even help to get the harassment stopped. Loss of trust can be geared towards individuals in the situation, the institutions themselves or even the society at large.
– Validation of Experience
The harassment also undermines the ability to trust indeed so many aspects of being harassed are similar to being victimized or raped. This makes it hard to trust people again in the same way. This can lead to victims becoming further victims by internalizing the experience, and isolating themselves from legitimate sources of support.
There are three validation needs. You need to be believed, understood, and have the experience validated. You want someone to confirm that yes, the situation you experienced was that bad, and that it did have a deep effect on you. When you are physically raped people can understand your pain and suffering, but when you are harassed they play down or undervalue the experience and the effects it had on you. Individuals have a tendancy to see it as over-reacting, or not really that bad. They want you to just let go and just get past it, but you can’t, and you don’t want to, because it was that bad. You want the severity of the experience to be validated for what it was.
TIs live in fear of many things, but the main things seem to be the fear of not being believed or fully understood. You just don’t think you will be able to find the right words to articulate how the experience made you feel. The last thing you want to do is share this experience that’s impacted your life, with someone who undervalues or does not understand what you have been through. You don’t want to see that lack of understanding in their eyes, or hear the devaluing of your experience in their words.
You want to share your story, and you long to tell your tale. You however want a safe effective format where you will be believed. You have a deep unabiding emotional need to be understood. You need someone to understand that it really was that degrading and horrible. That it tore you apart and almost destroyed you. You need validation and understanding, it is what’s at the heart of this experience.
– Physical Symptoms
The harassment can and often causes a wide range of physical symptoms. It can cause stomach ailments, headaches, insomnia, lethargy, nausea, constant nervousness, poor appetite, over eating, weight loss, weight gain and other physical symptoms.
– Psychological Symptoms
The main area that the harassment affects is our psyche, and because of this there are several psychological symptoms that go along with being harassed. Short term memory and loss of concentration. Decreased work school or work performance. Anti-social behaviors, anger or violent actions that are outside of your normal realm before the harassment began. Thoughts of suicide and extreme depression, uncontrolled crying, hyper-vigilance, hyper-awareness, hyper-sensitivity, irritable, short tempered, swearing and cursing more than normally accustomed to. Loss of sex drive, extreme thoughts or rage, loss of interest in usual pastimes. Stressed, feeling worthless, feeling guilty, feeling angry. Psychologically and emotionally raped.
– Societal Effects
The harassment can make you a social outcast. If you do nothing about the harassment those around you might sympathize, but they will in time learn to ignore it and treat it as a common day to day occurrence. If you take action against the harassers, school, government or place of employment, you might find that you are ostriacized, retaliated against in many unfair ways. Socially you might not be invited out to group or social activities, you might be shunned during daily school or work place events. People who associate with you will be singled out with peer pressure to stop the association. People around you will tell the most demeaning and degrading lies about you. You might find that your family and friends think you are over acting and fail to offer support at any level. They may even be the very ones who turn against you, if they become affected by the harassment through your job loss or dropping out of school, etc. They may be angry at having to help you out.
– Spiritual Crisis
While being harassed you might find that you experience a spiritual crisis. You get really angry spiritually (note that spirituality does not necessarely correlate to the supernatural) and start to feel dead inside. You don’t feel in touch with your spirit. There is a disconnection that goes along with being harassed. You might find that spiritually you stop or cease to do things you normally would do to touch base with your higher self, or a higher external spiritual source if you are a theist.
– Substance Abuse
To numb the pain of dealing with harassment some people do turn to drugs, alcohol or medication. This is one more thing victims then have to deal with as part of their recovery process.
– Tuning Out
The harassment can be emotionally, physically, spiritually and psychologically very taxing. To handle the pain and degradation our coping methods kick in, and we start to tune out the harassment. We however do not just tune out the harassment, we often tune out our school work, work, projects and work that we should be doing gets neglected. Social events that we should be attending start to be missed. Things that you had an interest in before, start to be less desirable. You just start to shut down and tune out the things that you once loved.
  1. Myron May’s Official Autopsy Report for the Naysayers:

    What if his targeting combined a technological capability to wipe a target’s mind clean then reprogram:


    “The Targeting of Myron May, FSU Shooter, A Life Discredited and Destroyed”




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  2. Thanks for a great article! Sharing!

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  3. Dear Blogger of this Blog,

    I did not mean to post the autopsy twice. I was simply trying to add the information below for clarification for the public and neglected to delete the autopsy link first. Can you delete the autopsy shown two times?

    Here is what I was hoping to add:

    Page 2 under EXTERNAL EXAMINATION says May was handcuffed. Apparently this is police procedure: http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2014/08/why-cops-handcuff-dead-people.html

    NOTE: Myron May’s official autopsy reports that he had amphetamines in his system due to being likely prescribed as treatment for ADD. This is a known treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder, and said to actually have a reverse affect on those diagnosed with ADD as calming similar to Ritalin.

    I felt I should make it clear after someone asked why in Targeted Individual’s International. I hardly think that medication he took since childhood pushed him over the edge.

    Many thanks!

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  4. In “The Targeting of Myron May, FSU Shooter, A Life Discredited and Destroyed” Myron May wrote that he went to the police station to turn himself in followed by vehicles who were behind stalking and relentless racial profiling of him around the clock. When he entered that station and spoke with the Desk Sergeant, he was told they had no knowledge of him committing any crime nor anything to arrest him for.

    LINK: Constructing Rich False Memories of Committing a Crime

    Click to access constructing-rich-false-memories-committing-crime.pdf



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  5. I was asked to participate in this event. However, if anyone thought that I would show up after the Tallahassee Police Department contacted me, about a week after what happened and tried to connect me in California, with the tragedy, or even playing a role, along with 2 months ago, ABC WCTV news posting my name and phone number on a news report on the air, or even being recently contacted on Facebook, by a reporter, from this station, hoping to do an Expose’ on the Myron May incident, which I declined, those creating disinformation / cover-up are greatly mistaken. MY LIFE IS ALREADY IN DANGER!




    REFERENCE: http://bigbrotherwatchingus.com

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  6. This is true I have proven it myself. I am a targeted victim and can not do anything about it, I am surrounded by foolishness and gossip with no reason behind it. What can I do?

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  7. Download a **FREE EBOOK** version of “The Targeting of Myron May: Florida State University” to your computer, smartphone or tablet, etc., and begin reading immediately!



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    • Marney Mckesson

      Can you please contact me on Facebook my phone number is 424-281-8142 or the FB Group AnonyMiss Warriors! We Need to Come Together Against this Shit!

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  8. Targeted Butterfly

    A cure for V2K that worked for me was plugging in Stetzerizer radio frequency filters in your bedroom and neighboring rooms electric outlets. I got mine at http://www.lessemf.com, but anywhere will do. They are about $35 each. I got this idea after reading Tim Rifat’s Guide to defeating Mind Control Systems (attached):


    It stopped the voices!!! I hope this will work for you too!!!

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  9. I am a targeted person and I will fight for my life with or without any special help.

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  10. I’m a targeted person and I will fight for my life anywhere any time for my life with or without any special help.

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  11. Remote neural monitoring satellite harassment terrorism and human experimentation of Brazil

    The brains of brazilians are connected to satellite technology to long for torture and murder and the government continues to ignore the facts. This satellite technology is controlled by a global network of Criminals these elements they enter the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual córtex through the computer brain interface using telephone antennas, satellite and the brain human. Organized crime uses this weapons in drug and People trafficking to ring public tenders and vestibular our simply to torture innocent People. The weapons is dangerous through it you can insert sounds, images and other noises in the target’s head with the aid of acoustic waves vibrational, eletromagnetic radio frequency sound with the use of implantion or brain signature. This modern torture mechanism and elimination of human rights and individual privacy aims to weaken the target of the attack. This weapons uses Neuroeletronicas brain frequency of 3hz to 50hz distance to torture victim by sending intracranial voices plague victims who be come human guinea pigs in the hands of entire gangs that are usurping these bodies victims need to try a faraday cage p try to get rid of this harassment. My name is Marisa am a victim of human minds trafficking ring operating in southers Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured. I need help to save my life. Please help me blocking remote neural monitoring,

    Porto Alegre – RS / Brazil

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  12. Illegal experiments on human in Brazil through eletromagnetism

    Recently a US law against the use of climate and mind control weapons was passed, i would like to know the opinion of authorities regarding this type of crime around the world?


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  13. PLEASE HELP. I have been tortured, brainwashed, and harassed since Dec 1st. 2013. It started when I was mind read by a corrupt company down in Frederick, MD. They have complete control of my mind……meaning my emotions, images in my head, seeing through my eyes, being able to apply pressure to every part of my body. They want to sell my brain to a Military group who will electrocute me, radiate me and leave me suicidal. Their main objective is to get me to commit suicide. PLEASE…I don’t want to end up like Myron May. I DO NOT want to hurt anybody or myself. They are heartless people and have no regard for human life so long as it fits their agenda. My email is murrayj0120@yahoo.com PLEASE HELP ASAP

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  14. I am a targeted individual as well. The things they have done to me and my family is unimaginable. Me and my spouse get these terrible burning sensations on our skin, and have circular burn marks appear on our body, one night my foot started to burn intensely and then a quarter sized burn mark appeared on top of my foot. My wife seen the mark appear as it happened. I can no longer drive because of these attacks. My wife gets has burn marks all over her body… some as round as a soda can. Our 14yo son within one week became ill, we rushed him to the hospital where we learned he had prostate cancer and severe kidney failure. He passed away at the end of the week after he became sick. He wasn’t sick at all before that week. Our 13yo daughter is getting bald spots and becoming very weak, the doctors can not find nothing wrong with her. We live in nature in the country, many days we watch these F-16 type planes fly over our home…. all day, sometimes flying directly towards our home and before they get overhead turn to where the belly of the aircraft tilts, pointing right at our home. This is only a tiny fraction of our story. We have videos of the aircraft, pictures… bloodwork of our family… my wife has started a diary of things that happen or that we notice daily. Of course everyone believes this is insane, and I would have to if not for it happening to me and my family. We are losing the battle, physically and emotionally… and I want to get our story out there as much as possible before me and my family are killed.

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  15. I am a targeted individual. Im targeted 24/7 everyday for a month now but looking back now. It appears to have begun a year ago. My house is broke into when im gon.things moved. Things like the dishwasher or heater being turned on. My dohs are showing sighns of abuse. They bugged my house and i constantly hear pen clicks or fingernail tapping or scratching. I get the headaches. I constantly hear sound freaquencies. When i leave the house. I am immeidiatly followed by vehicles. Usually maroon white or black trucks or suvs. They have very distinct tailights and alot of them drive around with a headlight or tailight out or with temporary or out of state tags. Some even have license plate covers that say “covert” on them!. They seem to know my everymove every turn. Im a fighter and i fight back and play their game. Even call them out but they are cowards. Some drive around in 18wheelers or vehicles with phony business names. Its so overly obvious that something is not right yet im the onlyone who sees it going on. I finally got my wife to see it but she still thinks im crazy sometimes. It drives me insane to the point i want to hurt these people. And i can. Im an army vet. I sm healthy sane and normal but they are making me look lime a complete idiot because i react to their nonsense. I know i shouldnt but i cant help it. But i cant lash out physically because i fear i might hurt an innocent byststander that i mistake for one of them. Its a non stop war on my mind. I am helpless because i want to fight back but i cant. Not with police family or anyone else. I have my wifes suport but thats it. Its very very unrelenting torture

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  16. I am a TI and I believe when I am looking back, my targeting has begun in my childhood.
    I believe this may go from one generation to another. This is my story.

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  17. They are targeting me too. They follow me around kill people and move next door to me and mind read and talk to me 24/7 with insuliting comments. Does anyone know the name of the equipment they use to mind read and talk through walls? I want to do it back to them!

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  18. James Wellman

       Its sad some who counted in the TI            community did not speak out when questioned weather he was a TI when the story first came out. He had made many you tube videos and spoke to some in standing with the community. In the end he stood alone except that which he sent off to tell his story. It would have ended there except but for the few that recognised a mutual plight, a fight to expose the program and live free, FREEDOM PROPHESY, Freedom for us all.

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  19. A free Ebook detailing Myron May’s plight and the circumstances around his contacting members of the TI community can be downloaded at the link below.

    Download it to your computer, smartphone or Tablet and begin reading immediately.

    Most were stunned by the method Myron May planned, as a highly educated attorney, having only known of, and never having heard of, Myron May, until a mere 6 days before the FSU shooting. The overall covert destruction of his life was very quick by the agency covertly victimizing him at a higher level. This is who destroyed his career, all relationships, his life and everything he had worked so hard for from humble beginnings. They are to blame and not victim’s fighting on a daily basis and under extreme duress for their lives, and who are still standing.


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  20. Fuck um fuck em all. If I catch one of um red-handed I will will …. Kill them in my mind cause I’m a pussy push over trying not to loose my “freedom.” Fuck it they wanna watch me take a shit. Fine by me. They wanna listen to my thoughts that they fucked up by playing back what I was thinking so I thought I was trippin. Than tripped some more. I figured all their shit out before I ever found it on the internet. And when u don’t think they’ll trigger with a word or a few to get your ” auditory psychosis going again. Or should I say your thoughts being played back to you again. Now some of what tis claim is bunnany bogus TO ME. Remember the mind and Manifestatiopn are very powerful things as well. But I know the coincidences are to common. Well if it’s not the organized stalkers, our first theory. Than its actually telepaths fucking with telepaths that don’t know they’re, or we’re telepathic. Or maybe we’re not and they are.
    Either way if they keep it up I will shine the light on a cockroach and smile.

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  21. Remegio A. Balane

    I am Remi as the world knew me. I am a TI for 26 years now since 1990. I was born in 1960. An Electrician. I have tried everything to educate people but it seems have landed with deaf ears. I want a global war now against these people in the government that connives with the world’s controllers. For our death is their only satisfaction. But their death is our only way for our freedom. They are only few and we are many. May God be with us…

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  22. Thanks a lot for the useful info here! This past summer I became aware of my becoming a TI in connection with my employer at the time. I live and work in Shanghai, China. The company masqueraded as an American-run education consultancy, one of the throngs of such agencies/consultancies popping up all around Asia that pack off nouveau riche Asian kids to top US universities. (I could not be entirely sure how many of the parents/clients were in the know.) Thus, apparently, the scale of the operation has become global! However, from my experience, it is not ALL BAD! The true individual rises up more powerful than the ignomonious entities. David Icke has a lot of interesting things to say with regard to triumphing over them, overcoming fear, etc (though I do not agree with all his theories.) Viva forever, the indwelling spirit of Christ, which is also our human spirit!
    My heartfelt support for all those still being targeted!

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  23. Give a retweet if you are ready yo fight!

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  24. Melissa Berger

    I am also a targeted individual. For the past five years, I have been subjected to voice, noise and physical harassment. I have been monitored and followed. My dreams manipulated and they have now found a way to steal creative work and sell It.

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  25. Hello Everyone,

    We are a team of truth seekers and enthusiasts who are helping to spread the truth about what is happening in the world today.
    Recently, a letter about directed energy weapons, electronic harassment and gang stalking from one of the victims has come to our attention (you can find the original letter here:

    So, we have decided to put it in the form of a video (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaTmOG-OR1s) in order to raise awareness about the issue and warn the people involved of the consequences they will face unless they stop harassing innocent people.

    Our aim is to make the video viral so we are contacting all the people who are already involved in these topics and can help us spread the word. 

    If you would like to help us please share it on your website, youtube channel or any other social media channel or any other channel you see fit.

    We would highly appreciate feedback if you decide to share

    Thank you,

    The Team Behind Truth Freedom

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  26. I became a ti around 2013 after a dispute with a neighbour where i was arrested. When i moved away the surveillance and harrassment became extreme.subliminal suggestions were at first external by people then became transmissions in public places,always the same voices saying the same things.now i also have that as v2k which started off as tinnitus.i have had stranger lip synching the words to audio i was listening to on headphones in a public place(hive mind?) and i have evidence that the pa system of a large community school was being used to broadcast subliminal mind control hidden beneath the ridiculous music that these children were being forced to listen to in their break times.those children i believe were being hypnotised.they were also used in gangstalking .i saw this corruption of their innocence first hand. That whole community was mind controlled and while living there i was subjected to much that indicated this..a lot of the gangstalkers had glazed eyes and seemed to be in some kind of trance.

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